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Plastic Mold Making Services

Plastic Mold Making Services
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Plastic Mold Making Services

Pro Mold's Plastic Mold Making Services fabricates various types of molds for plastic injeciton applications, blow molding, insert molding, etc. Our Tool Room has been producing high quality molds for almost 30 years. We know what it takes to produce a reliable mold and test all injection molds with our in-house molding capabilities. When your mold is delivered, you will be assured that it will run first time, every time. We welcome repairs, engineering changes, and maintenance on your existing molds. Fast deliveries (as little as two weeks) can be accomplished under certain conditions.

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Types of Molds Built Blow Molds (Extrusion or Injection / Blow)
Hot Runners
Inserts Only (to fit our prototype slide / conventional mold base)
Liquid Silicone Molds
Plastic Injection (Class 101 to 104)
Transfer / Compression (Rubber or Silicone)
Molding Materials Aluminum, Pre-Hardened Steel, Fully Hardened Tool Steel, Copper Alloys
Number of Cavities 1 through 64


Equipment List (1) 12" Second Operation Lathe
(1) 14" Cadillac Engine Lathe with D.R.O.
(1) 17" Morisieki Engine Lathe with D.R.O.
(1) 6" x 18" Harig Surface Grinder
(1) EDM Sinker - Aratron
(1) EDM Sinker - Pacific Controls
(1) Hermes Engraving Machine
(1) Jones Shipman 1300 ID/OD Grinder 10" x 24"
(1) Okamoto 12" x 24" Surface Grinder
(1) Okamoto 6" x 18" grinder
(1) Sunnen Hone with Complete Tooling
(2) 8" x 18" Kent Surface Grinder
(2) Bridgeport Vertical Mill-CNC
(2) EDM Sinker - Charmilles
(2) Haas 3 Axis Toolroom Mill
(2) Jig Grinder - Moore #2 (to 160 K RPM)
(5) Bridgeport Vertical Mills w/ Digital Readouts
Inspection Equipment (1) Gage Pins to 0.750" Diameter
(1) Mitutoyo Height Master
(1) Mitutoyo Microscope w/ 0.00005 Readout
(1) Nikon Comparator 20x Magnification 11" Diameter
(1) Set Blocks
(Lots) Deltronic Pins

Additional Services

Repairs / Maintenance Pro Mold will repair and provide maintenance for any molds made in the company or outside.
Engineering Changes We will design and modify your existing mold to incorporate engineering changes and can convert existing molds to produce new parts.
Jig Grinding High precision Jig Grinding services can be utilized where tight tolerances are required.
Mold Component Manufacturing Cavities, cores, pins, sleeves, plates built to your specification. Core pins are our specialty at Pro Mold. Turn-around times can be as little as one day.
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